As a geology Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at the University of California, Davis, my research seeks to understand the marine biogeochemical history of Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary and the California Current System more broadly. While I am primarily based out of Bodega Marine Laboratory, I get to visit the sparkling seas multiple times per year and even peek underneath the surface both in person and using ROVs. My career has afforded me varied pursuits and hats to wear, most proudly as a marine biogeochemist, SciComm enthusiast, environmental justice advocate, and PADI Divemaster.

I credit my high school marine sciences teacher for my love of the ocean, and my first research cruise from Bermuda to the Azores with the Langmuir solid earth geochemistry lab for my affinity for sea-going fieldwork. I have also dived for research both in Puerto Rico to collect and culture foraminifera, and in Indonesia to conduct a site comparison belt transect study. Besides research diving, I have worked as a divemaster in both Thailand and Malaysia.

A product of public schools, I seek to give back to the youth by engaging them with STEM fundamentals and exposing them to the breadth of marine sciences. I am passionate about environmental justice and delight in the creativity of science communication. I admire the environmental justice work of Dr. Robert Bullard, and aspire to have a careers like that of Dr. Jane Lubchenco and Dr. Tyrone B. Hayes.

I received my A.B. from Harvard College in 2013 where I was a joint concentrator in both Earth and Planetary Sciences & Environmental Sciences and Engineering. I completed an undergraduate thesis with Dr. Andrew Knoll, and worked as a research assistant in the Shaw structural geology group, the Langmuir solid earth geochemistry lab, and the Whitesides research group. I later worked at Columbia’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in the Hönisch paleoceanography group. In 2018, I was awarded both the Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellowship as well as NOAA's Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship. When not at sea or in the lab, I can be found dancing lindy hop in Golden Gate Park or hiking with my husky, Cleo.

Bodega Marine Laboratory
2099 Westshore Road
Bodega Bay, CA 94923