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California Sea Grant Q&A with Carina Fish
Community needs and values are a focal point when I consider my research questions. I also consider which stakeholders are and have been the power brokers dictating what of the environment is used or where and how conservation has been applied
UC Davis Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute Spotlight on the Scientists: Carina Fish
“That’s when I first fell in love with geochemistry as a toolset,” she says. “You can learn so much about the Earth just by looking at the chemistry of the things around you.”
South Florida PBS Changing Seas episode 1101
Cordell Bank is a hotspot for marine life. Cold, nutrient-rich waters welling up from the deep fuel the base of the marine food chain in the region
UC Davis Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute Congratulations Carina on Grad Slam, her recent Nautilus cruise, and the Ford Fellowship!
E/V Nautilus Live 2018 Expedition Profile Carina Fish, Science/Data Team
I am fascinated by how humans are impacting the ocean, and particularly, below the surface waters. As a marine biogeochemist, I track human-induced changes to the deep sea by looking at the chemical composition of coral skeletons, their food source, and the water itself. While we have studied the effects of ocean acidification on the surface ocean, its effects - and that of climate change in general - on the deep ocean remains largely unknown.
Sierra Club The Paleo Climate of California, what ancient coral can tell us about climate change
Tree rings and coral rings are a bridge to our understanding of deep time
Sea Education Association Semester SSV Corwith Cramer Voyage Blog, August 26th, 2013
The Island School The Cambridge Rindge and Latin School Connection: Carina Fish, Island School Fall 2007 alumna
"I still, in part, credit The Island School for my love of the outdoors, my impetus for choosing my two departments in college (Earth & Planetary Sciences and Environmental Sciences & Engineering), and my passion for the ocean."